Improving Your Clickthrough Rate on YouTube

Improving your clickthrough rate on YouTube is important because it affects your video ratings. Here are some ideas on how to improve your clickthrough rate.

Clickthrough and Advertising

Every time someone sees one of your ads, it’s called an impression. So, if you have a banner on your YouTube video channel, and 50,000 people see it, you’ve had 50,000 impressions. If they click on your ad, you get credit for it. So, if you have 5,000 clicks, you have a clickthrough rate of 1%. This, however, is not very common. If you have a clickthrough rate of 2%, it’s considered outstanding in the advertisement world. In the 90’s, clickthrough rates were as high as 3%, but now, .2 and .3% are considered acceptable. Advertisers pay-per-click for these ads, so if you are an affiliate, you want to encourage your viewers to check out the ads on your site. If you are the advertiser, you want to translate those clickthroughs into sales. How can you improve your clickthrough rate?

Improving Your Clickthrough Rate

There are a number of things you can do to improve your clickthrough rate.


The first and foremost is always keywords. Research your keywords well (see my Video Shadow review), so that you know you’ve found the right wording to catch people as they perform internet searches. Be sure to put the keyword on the title of your video, and make sure, also, that it’s in the description, too. If your keyword is properly targeted, it will improve the C

TR (clickthrough rate). If you don’t have a very good CTR, it’s a pretty good indication that you need to do some research and get a better keyword. The ad text is just as important. Place your keywords in the first sentence of the ad, so that it will get grabbed up by the spiders that search keywords. A keyword specific ad text is much more likely to get you the CTR you’re looking for.


Also, make sure the ad relates to your business. If you sell auto parts online for classic muscle cars, you probably won’t get many clickthroughs for advertisements on baby clothes.


To improve your clickthrough rate on YouTube, you need to judge whether or not your clicks are cost-effective. Boost youtube views should have programs that tell you how much money each click makes vs how much it costs. If you’ve paid too much for your keywords, you may never turn a profit. Plus, if you’ve chosen irrelevant keywords, you’re just wasting your money by bringing in viewers that thought they were being redirected to a site with something they were interested in. This might have made money 10 years ago, when just getting traffic was an accomplishment, but now, those “spam” clickthroughs just cost you money.

Sync Your Landing Page

Your landing page should sync with the keywords that brought the “clicker” to the page. Work on your ad text so that you can justify the viewer’s interest. In other words, what’s the payoff for following your link? Remember that first impressions are the lasting impressions. You’re landing page won’t have a second chance to sell the viewer. If you’re putting in the energy and expense of drawing people to your landing page, video, or site, spend at least as much energy and expense trying to keep them.

Check Your Stats

YouTube gives you plenty of help in tracking your traffic. You can see how many clicks you get, where they came from, how long they stayed, and where they went, all from YouTubes’ tool box. Study this information, and you’ll see spikes and dips that will probably correspond to a concrete measure on your channel. Viewers either liked a particular video, or your ad was really effective causing a spike, or you used obscure keywords or unrelated ads, causing dips. If people look at your channel, then go away without exploring further, it’s often called a bounce rate. You will see that a high bounce rate also coincides with a low CTR. This further reinforces that you need to troubleshoot your channel.


Your clickthrough rate, number of views, quality of product, bounce rate, and ranking are all interrelated. If one of the elements is wrong it will throw everything else off.

So, make sure that your content is valid for your market. If you are marketing to, or targeting a broad spectrum of potential customers in the hopes of expanding your business, you can actually damage your business. There are other ways to expand your customer demographic. When you bid on top keywords, make sure that you can deliver the goods if you attract the attention of that customer demographic. Since you’ve paid for the use of that keyword, use it. Put it in the title, description, and advertisement.

If you choose to bid on vaguely related keywords in the hopes of being at the top of the list, you may stand a chance of increasing your rating. But if you’re trying that type of strategy, follow your statistics closely. It makes no sense to continue on an ad campaign that is not bringing in paying customers.

If you want to improve your clickthrough rate on YouTube, you’ve got to know what exactly you are targeting and use the tools available to keep track of your ads and your site.